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One of the worst things you can do with IRS back tax debt is continue to neglect it for many years at a time. The IRS loves to add to the quantity you owe, and certainly will stop at nothing to collect that money on additional penalties and interest charges.

They’re the greatest collection agency in the world, and we firmly believe that no one should have to face them by themselves again.

For many people, having a huge government agency always harassing them with letters, notices and revenue officers is a terrible thought.

That is why our Tulsa team is here to assist you. You will have someone in your corner, and no longer have to handle the IRS on your own.

With only 15 minutes on the phone with our experts, you will learn what to do, and exactly what you will qualify for.

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Has the IRS been sending Earnings Officials to your Oklahoma house or business?

What is a Revenue Officer?

Agent or an IRS official is an average visitor to your Oklahoma business or daily life. Getting a differentiation between the two is important that you know how to deal with each. An IRS representative has the primary function of auditing tax returns. They send notifications regarding impending audits via email. You can either go to local IRS office when you get an e-mail from IRS representative or an agent comes over to your home or company to audit returns.

An IRS officer on the other hand deals with more complex tax problems. For instance, if an IRS agent finds that you haven’t paid taxes on a particular source of income, your case is known as IRS officer. Hence the primary job of an IRS officer is to take care of a tax debt or back tax liability.

The IRS assigns you a revenue officer in these circumstances:

Inability to Collect Taxes

When the IRS has failed to successfully collect taxes from you using the normal channels like notices, levies, telephone calls and e-mails.

Un-Filed Back Taxes

When you’ve got a reputation of not filling taxes.

Like payroll taxes, when you don’t pay certain form of taxes.<?p>

Huge Tax Debts Owed

When your tax liability is substantially large, a typical amount being or more 25,000.

Law mandates remember IRS revenue officers to undertake measures to regain the taxes. These measures repossess property, halt assets or wage garnishments, seize and can include problem levies. Expect these officers to show up at your home or place of businesses unanticipated or without previous communication. In rare instances, you might be called by the officers or send you emails summoning you to their offices. Try to collaborate with them to prevent further complicating your case and try to pay you delinquent taxes to the widen your income can adapt. If your case is more complex or the tax sum requires you to work out a blueprint to pay, you’ll need the services of an attorney.

What You Should Do if you Get {a Revenue Official|an IRS Revenue Official

If you are unable to pay off your debt immediately, the Internal Revenue Service official might request some documents and financial records. Such tips like form 9297 which is send to you by the Internal Revenue Service, form 433-A which is used for people or form 433-B which is used for businesses are used by the Internal Revenue Service to identify your income, assets, and give an overview of your indebtedness. Filling these forms should be done right and precisely therefore the professional services of an attorney are required. If you fill the forms incorrectly whether knowingly or unknowingly, the IRS can use this against you and sue you for tax evasion. So, as soon as you get these forms, the first thing to do is to telephone an attorney.

Additionally, an attorney in Tulsa will review your financial situation and work out the best paying strategy together with the IRS revenue officers. Without an attorney, you might be intimidated by the IRS officers into agreeing to a strategy that you cannot afford but which makes their job easier. Should you be given tight datelines, an attorney get you a flexible one and is able to quickly negotiate. Remember, there are lots of choices that may be offered by the officer. A common one in case related to payroll overdue would be to assess and assign you a retrieval fee trust fund. For this to take place, an interview must be conducted to determine who’s the actual perpetrator between an individual and also a business and having an attorney during this interview in Oklahoma is a matter of necessity.

Let our Oklahoma team negotiate a payment plan that's right for you, which means you can afford to repay your debt over time

The IRS Installment Agreement is a way for taxpayers in Tulsa when they can’t pay it in full with their tax return to pay their tax debt. This agreement allows for monthly payments to be made. So long as their tax debt is paid by the taxpayer in full under this particular Agreement, they avoid the payment of the fee that is connected with creating the Understanding and can reduce or get rid of the payment of interest and fees. Establishing an IRS Installment Agreement requires that all necessary tax returns have been filed prior to applying for the Understanding. The citizen cannot have some unreported income. In some instances, a taxpayer may request a longer span than 72 months to pay back a tax debt of $50,000 or less.

Good Things about an Payment Plan

The agreement will result in certain significant benefits for the taxpayer. While an agreement is in effect enforced group actions will not be taken. Life will be free of IRS letters and notices. When the taxpayer can count on paying a set payment each month rather than having to be concerned about getting lump sum amounts on the tax debt, there is going to be more fiscal freedom. The citizen will eliminate interest and continuing IRS penalties. The IRS will help the citizen keep the agreement in force in the event the taxpayer defaults on a payment providing the IRS is notified immediately.

Problems with the Installment Plan

Some duties come with the Installment Agreement. When due, the minimum payment must be made. The income of an individual citizen or the incomes of citizens that were combined must be disclosed when applying for an Installment Agreement. Sometimes, a financial statement must be supplied. All future returns must be submitted when due and all of the taxes should be paid when due. This method of making monthly payments enable the citizen to request the lien notice be removed. But, the lien may be reinstated in the event the taxpayer defaults on the Installment Agreement.

The citizen and the Internal Revenue Service can negotiate an Installment Agreement. However, particular information must be provided and any advice may be subject to confirmation. For taxpayers owing more than $50,000, a financial statement will be required.

How to Prepare to Apply

There are some precautions that should be considered, while taxpayers can apply for an IRS Installment Agreement. There are some situation which can make this a challenging endeavor, though the IRS tries to make applying for an Installment Agreement a relatively easy procedure. It is vital to get it right the first time the application is made since many issues can be eliminated by an Installment Agreement with the IRS.

We are the BBB A+ rated law firm serving all of Tulsa and Oklahoma, that can offer you expert help. Our many years of experience working on behalf of citizens that have problems paying their tax debt with the Internal Revenue Service qualifies us to ensure acceptance of your application for an Installment Agreement.

Quit letting fees and interest costs eat up all of your cash, and let our Oklahoma penalty abatement program help.

Once the IRS hit on you or your business using a tax bill, it normally appends interest fees and penalties. Some fees, like late payments, they’re included by IRS computers. If you dishonored a tax code provision, like filing a late return, otherwise, punishments may be inflicted by IRS staff.

The IRS assumes you admit them in the event that you do not whine once fees are imposed. Fortunately, the IRS can confiscate a fee just as simple as it comprised one. The key to the domain of the tax penalty relief is demonstrating a practical reason behind your letdown to mind with tax law.

The total amount of different tax code fines is staggering. Here are a few of the fees that IRS will tack on to the debts of people who have not filed their back tax debts.


The Internal Revenue Service will impose a 20 % penalty on you if you drastically minimized your taxes or were negligent. This precision-related fine is used when you are unable to set a tax write-off in a review, or you didn’t submit all of your income along with it is learnt by the IRS.

Civil deception:

A penalty 75% could be attached, in the event the Internal Revenue Service finds that you weren’t reported your income with a deceitful intent.

Delayed Payment:

This late payment fine is when you make a delayed payment, or tacked on by the Internal Revenue Service computer whenever you file a tax return devoid of paying the outstanding balance. Fines for failing to make payroll tax deposits are substantially elevated.

Not Filing on time:

The IRS can fine you an additional 5% per month on any outstanding balance, if you did not file your return on time. However, this punishment could be applied only for the initial five months following the due date of the return, equal to a 25% higher charge. The IRS can nevertheless visit lesser punishments when there’s no outstanding balance.

Once you know the way as well as the motive the IRS hit you with fines, you can demand that they be abridged or removed. The IRS name for this particular procedure is known as an abatement. Approximately one third of all tax penalties are ultimately abated, and it’ll not be less if you understand the methods to challenge them.

Simply telling the IRS that you cannot manage to compensate it, or do not enjoy a penalty, WOn’t work. You must show practical cause, which means a good supplication. As stated by the IRS, any sound cause advanced as the reason for postponement by a taxpayer in filing a return making deposits, or paying tax when owed will be cautiously analyzed.

Approaches to request for interest abatement and an IRS penalty

Enclose these documents with your written request.

  • Letter from a registered medical practitioner, describing your condition that prevented you from filing your tax return punctually.
  • Death certificate substantiating the bereavement of close relations or your blood.
  • A comprehensive report from the fire division if your property is damaged as a result of fire.

What to Do Now

For those who have been imposed fees by the Internal Revenue Service, there are some effective and easy methods to get your tax fines or interest condensed or even removed absolutely. We have really been for many years in the business and we are dedicated to offer our customers a professional IRS penalty and interest abatement service officially. Contact us today to resolve your tax problems all and the associated fees imposed by the Internal Revenue Service on you or on your own Tulsa company.

A 15 minute consultation with our Tulsa team can help possibly save you tens of thousands of dollars

What is it

The Internal Revenue Service helps the client faced with serious tax problems instead or by paying bailing them out up to less than the sum owed. However, not all citizens that are troubled qualify for IRS Offer in Compromise Deal. This is solely after appraisal of the customer was carried out because qualification is based on several variables. The IRS Offer in Compromise Agreement plays an instrumental role in helping taxpayers with distressed fiscal challenges solve their tax problems. This implies the IRS acts as the intermediary which helps their tax debt is paid by the citizen in the way that is handiest and flexible. The main interest and point of focus is the compromise that perfectly satisfies the needs of both the citizen and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).It’s advisable to note the taxpayer must make a valid and appropriate offer vis-a-vis what the IRS considers their genuine and precise potential to pay.

What Does it Take to Qualify for an Offer in Compromise agreement?

Filling the applications doesn’t guarantee the Tulsa taxpayer a qualification that is direct. The IRS begins evaluation procedure and the overall assessment that will render you incapable of paying your taxes. The applications have to be filled with utmost precision stating definitely reasons for your inability to pay tax. These programs are then supported with other applicable records that will be used by the Internal Revenue Service to determine the qualification of the citizen for an Offer in Compromise Deal. However, there are some of the few qualifications process that has to be matched totally be the citizen. Many of these qualifications include but not limited to ensuring that the taxpayer files all the tax returns that they are legally bound to file, make and present each of the estimated amount of tax payments for the current year and finally the taxpayer is supposed to make down payments for all the national tax for the current quarter especially for citizens who run companies with workers. All these are the three basic tenets of qualification that each and every citizen must meet in order to be considered.

What to Do Next

Therefore if you are just one of those citizens in need of care and guidance when it comes to IRS, then BBB A+ rated tax law business serving Tulsa is there for you to help negotiate an IRS Offer in Compromise deal. This really is an amazing law firm that can function as a yard stick for all those who require help that is suitable in negotiating for an IRS offer in compromise deal. Don’t hesitate to contact them because they’ve a good safety reputation and a strong portfolio. They have a team of competent and dynamic professionals that are constantly on hand to help you. Try them now and experience help like never before. It is simply the greatest when it comes to dialogue of an IRS offer in compromise arrangement.

Ultimately put a finish to the letters and notices the IRS has been sending to you, and let our Tulsa team help.

IRS Letters and Notices are sent to those who haven’t paid all of their tax obligation or haven’t filed their tax returns. The IRS is responsible for collecting taxes due from citizens to make sure the Federal Government has the funds to run its business. The Internal Revenue Service assumes that citizens who are delinquent in filing their tax returns and who neglect to pay their taxes are dismissing the reason taxes are not unimportant. The IRS also assumes that citizens don’t have a good reason for not fulfilling their tax obligations. Aggressive pursuit of these citizens is the reason IRS letters and notices are sent. People who have filed their tax returns but haven’t paid the taxes that are due all, may also get IRS letters and notices. Delinquent citizens are on the IRS radar for executing swift group activity. Taxpayers should recall the IRS will not have to initiate any court action to impose wages, bank accounts and property. Even pension income could be attached.

Penalties are prolific. Now the different of fees is 10 times that amount, although in 1988, there were only 17 fees the IRS could levy. The Internal Revenue Service also has over 75 distinct letters and notices it can send to individual taxpayers. Some of these can surely become serious issues for the citizen.

Some Examples of Letters

Low-Reported Tax Debt

A notice that maintains a citizen has under reported their income is a serious issue. Frequently, this may be accommodated readily, but the taxpayer will be evaluated interest plus a penalty in the event the IRS claim is valid. If this notice spans more than one year of tax filings, then the taxpayer might be accused of filing a fraudulent return. The fees along with the interest will amount to an impossible sum of money regardless of the perceived intention.

Wage Garnishes

A notice that threatens to attach property, bank account or a taxpayer’s wages is also serious. The IRS will send a letter warning of the impending actions, and this letter will stipulate an amount of time that the citizen has to resolve the delinquency. This notice follows letters which were sent to the citizen in an effort to resolve the delinquency before it reaches the collection actions.

Notice of Property Liens

A notice saying the IRS has filed a lien on the citizen’s property also follows letters of intent to take this action. The notice will contain the quantity of the governmental bureau and the lien where it was recorded. This lien will avoid the citizen from selling the property until the lien is satisfied, or the lien amount will be deducted from the profits of a sale. The IRS may also force the sale of the property to obtain fulfillment of the lien. A notice will be issued if a sale is planned.

What you should do with a IRS notice

The taxpayer should never dismiss IRS letters and notices. Instead, they need to immediately seek help with these potential dangers to their financial protection. Actually, if a taxpayer who considers they may receive letters and notices from the IRS can contact us so we can stop these from being sent. Contacting our BBB A+ Tulsa law firm is even more significant if notice or a letter has been received. We’ve got many years of successful experience in working with the Internal Revenue Service and state of Oklahoma to resolve taxpayer problems.

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How Much Do Tax Lawyers Cost?

Reputable and most competent tax attorneys in Tulsa will bill their clients on an hourly basis for all services rendered. This will generally be an hourly charge of between $200 and $400. Usually, a tax lawyer will require that a prepayment, which is called a retainer is made by their customer. This retainer is going to be a prepayment based on the number of hours your tax attorney considers they'll be working on your behalf. This hourly fee will be deducted from the retainer, as the work nears conclusion.

How Much could an Offer in Compromise Save Me?

An offer in compromise can save you plenty of cash as it allows you to settle your tax debt for under the total amount you owe. In the event you can not pay your tax liability that is total, it could be a valid option, or doing so creates a financial hardship. The IRS consider your unique set of conditions and facts. That is capability to pay, income, expenses for living in Tulsa and asset equity. They generally approve the most they are able to expect to collect within a reasonable time are represented by an offer in compromise when the sum offered.

Does Tax Debt Go On Your Credit Report?

Owing the IRS a huge tax bill does not automatically change your credit report. But how you decide to pay your taxes does, and outstanding taxes may impact your credit as well. For example, in case you owe $10,000 or more the IRS will automatically file Notice of Federal a severely adverse piece. (It's in the exact same category as a repossession or court judgments in Oklahoma.) State and local taxing authorities might file tax liens. It may restrict your capability to get credit once the IRS files a Notice of a Federal Tax Lien against you. And should you file for bankruptcy, your tax debt and lien may continue.

How Likely is the IRS to Accept an Offer in Compromise?

The IRS is likely when the amount represents the most they can expect to accumulate within a reasonable period of time to approve an offer in compromise. Before the IRS considers your offer, you have to be current with all payment and filing requirements. You are not eligible if you are in an open bankruptcy proceeding in Tulsa. Utilize the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier to confirm your eligibility and prepare a preliminary proposition. You'll locate step-by-step directions and all of the forms for submitting an offer in the Offer in Compromise Pamphlet, Form 656-B.

Can Tax Debt Be Included in a Chapter 13?

How a tax debt will be treated in Chapter 13 bankruptcy depends on whether it's a priority or non-priority tax obligation. Priority tax debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and you must pay them off in full through your Chapter 13 repayment plan. In comparison, non-priority tax obligations are treated the same as your other general unsecured debts (like charge cards and medical bills) and wiped out when you get your discharge. Most taxes are considered priority debts in bankruptcy. Therefore, you can not remove them simply by receiving a discharge and filing for bankruptcy. Should you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tulsa, you need to pay your priority tax debts off in full through your repayment strategy.

How Should I Calculate my Offer in Compromise Agreement?

Your first step in choosing whether to pursue an Offer in Compromise is to estimate what the IRS terms your Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP). This is basically the core of any Offer in Compromise and certainly will be the foundation of the conclusion concerning whether to accept or reject your offer of the Internal Revenue Service, since the Internal Revenue Service requires that your offer equal or exceed your RCP. The Reasonable Collection Potential, basically, is what the IRS reasonably and possibly could expect to collect from you from the attachment of your wages and income in Oklahoma as well as from the seizure of your assets in order to settle the tax assessment against you.

Should I Sign the Power of Attorney Form when Hiring a Tax Lawyer?

When hiring a tax lawyer, it is best that you sign the power of attorney form. The main reason behind this is because in case you sign a power of attorney, your lawyer is able to speak with the IRS so you do not have to. This may go a very long way in reducing some of the tension that has been put on you. The final thing you desire would be to wind up in prison in Tulsa and/or be slapped with large fines. Your tax lawyer can help reduce your penalty while you may not manage to prevent all difficulty.

What should I Do if the IRS Rejects my Offer in Compromise?

In the event the IRS rejects your offer in compromise, you should place the following documentation set up and plan to make an application for an appeal concerning the offer in compromise: The 30-day letter rejecting the OIC; Worksheets that came with the rejection letter; Form 656, Offer in Compromise. Form 433-A, Collection Income Statement for Wage Earners and Self Employed People that you submitted to the IRS with your Form 656, Offer in Compromise. You must take note that throughout the self-help tool, where a Form 433-A or 433-B is mentioned, the Form 433-A (OIC) and 433B (OIC) might also be utilized.

What Should I Ask My Tax Lawyer?

Before you hire your tax attorney in Oklahoma, you must ask her or him the following questions: How long has he or she been practicing law? Have they previously managed tax situations much like yours? What is their appraisal of your circumstance? What works for you and against you? If you hired her or him, what course of action would they recommend? Do they charge a flat fee or hourly rate, or do they use another billing structure? Can you estimate my total legal fees?

Can Tax Lawyers Really Help?

Yes, tax lawyers in Tulsa, OK can really help. It is extremely crucial that you handle your tax issues very carefully. IRS tax matters are sensitive and very critical issue as well as a little mistake in the process can cost you really dearly in the kind of loss of cash, time, can get you frustrated and may even land you in jail. The legalities involved in the procedure of tax settlement of your IRS taxes and the tax laws can be very complex and also you may not comprehend it at all. Therefore, it is best to employ a specialist in tax representation, who'll manage to deal with your situation in Oklahoma .